A region rich in Arts and Culture

A visit to our B&B Domaine Méditerranée is not complete without visiting the cities of Narbonne (the first French port of the Roman Empire), Béziers (with its nine locks on the Canal du Midi, built approximately in 1670), and Carcassonne Cité (the only remaining city that has seen the crusades against the Cathars, around 1200 A.D.). These cities offer a rich history, and provide the region with some of its most interesting museums.

Don’t miss out on the special places on the Canal du Midi. The Canal du Midi is actually the biggest part of the waterway link between the Atlantic Ocean, through Toulouse, to the Mediterranean Sea – which saves 3000 km of waterway through Gibraltar. Ships reach Toulouse from the Atlantic Ocean through the Garonne, and will get to the Mediterranean Sea at Sète, some 240 km further.

When the famous Canal du Midi was constructed, the designer and construction supervisor Paul Riquet lived at the Chateau Paraza. The 241 km long canal stretches from Toulouse to Sète. It has more than 328 special architectonical artworks and technical feats, such as many aqueducts and 64 still working original locks. For all ages a spectacular sight to behold. The Canal du Midi has been placed on the list of world heritage sites of UNESCO.

Fairs and Festivals

Like almost everywhere in France, the area in which our B&B Domaine Méditerranée is situated, there are many fairs. These fairs are filled with delicious artisan products, typical French table linens, and beautiful ‘Broccante’ to take back home.

Something completely different are the many art fairs and music festivals that vary from classical music, to jazz and pop. Highlights are the well-known ‘Feria’s’ of Carcassonne, Béziers and Narbonne with performances by world famous artists. In 2015 Bruce Springsteen gave a spectacular show, and in 2016 Carcassonne will see the likes of Neil Young, Eros Ramazotti and Adèle perform, which will make many hearts beat faster.